Why The Event That Pastor Chris Is Organizing Promises To Be Great

Anyone that has ever heard of Christ Embassy has heard the name of the Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. He is the President of the group, and every individual that goes to their events love the man and his dedication to God and the church. The man has many stories to tell, as he has already been a best-selling author and a Pastor since his youth, already had a television show where he spoke about his religion and the teachings that he favors, following the steps of his grandfather who was an adept of God as well. With over thirty years of teaching others while learning as well, he has gathered a lot of experience and axioms to share.

Pastor Chris is one of the most influential religious ministers representing the Christ Embassy, on the continent of Africa, while also expanding its doctrine around the world, way beyond South Africa and Nigeria, organizing events and gatherings with the fateful in new countries like the United States and Canada. The church is globally acknowledged and is always gathering more adepts and followers around the world. It was founded in the University of Pastor Chris, by him and his companions that wanted to share the word of God and Jesus Christ.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is now inviting his followers and anyone looking to worship and connect with good vibrations to an event that will happen in Zimbabwe. It is a worship & communion gathering that will occur in May 2017. Chris will be the host of the meeting, so it’s a perfect opportunity to meet the Pastor for the first time and learn more from his teachings.

The event will take place on 7th May, at 2 pm. Anyone interested in visiting Zimbabwe, the place that Chris Oyakhilome himself called a miracle, should come and join the group. To participate, the individual only needs to register in the program. There are many available ways to make the registration and more information on how to participate in the meeting on their official website, christembassy.org.

There is a calendar available for the community that wants to take place in the event, showing the date of the next gatherings that the team will be organizing in the future. The entire nation of Zimbabwe and neighbors as extremely excited for the event, especially to learn more with the Pastor`s doctrine. The church has been regarded for organizing the best events, sharing messages of importance and demonstrating the soothing peace of walking the path of light.

The place where the event will be held, Zimbabwe, is a tropical country that has a crucial culture to the African continent. The savannahs represent the fauna and flora of Africa and its hot climate very closely. It is home to the Victoria Falls, one of the biggest natural wonders that every tourist would like to visit one day, and a representative of god`s work. There is a reason to why the church decided to make the event in a place like Zimbabwe, after all, there`s no place better to worship the divine.